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Appearing Glass By Steve Thompson


A revolutionary new way to produce a full glass of liquid in…

A revolutionary new way to produce a full glass of liquid in a totally impossible way. This innovative method allows your audience to both see and hear the moment an object appears out of thin air.

With a variety of all-time best sellers under his belt like “Glance”, “Flite” and Video Chat Magic, Steve Thompson is one of the most innovative and respected creators in the industry. But “Appearing Glass” may be the closest he’s ever come to “real” magic.

A Brand-New Method

You’ve seen the basic idea before, but never in a way as fair and incredible as “Appearing Glass”. This is the key to finally taking that extra step from “amazing” into the realm of “truly impossible.”

Other marketed effects follow a similar pattern: you remove a bag from your pocket, unfold it and produce a glass of liquid. Many of them even allow you to show the bag is completely empty first. However, before you can make the production happen, a fishy move needs to occur for the glass to somehow get pre-loaded in the bag.

This typically requires you to either ruin the flow of the routine by creating an offbeat at a critical juncture or find a seemingly viable excuse to justify your actions—which, unfortunately, can sometimes transform into a giant arrow pointing directly at the method when the audience recaps the effect.

“Appearing Glass” by Steve Thompson solves this problem.

You can show the bag empty and even have a participant place their hand inside to verify nothing is there. Then, instantly, without ever putting your hand inside the bag, you make a glass appear with a visible and audible thud. They can immediately reach in and take it out themselves.

Don’t want to produce a glass? You can also use the bag to produce phones, cubes, decks of cards, or any other similar object.

This modern take on a popular effect is visual, fast, safe, and simple. The premium props are a joy to use and make “Appearing Glass” practical enough for every performing situation from stage to close-up.

The Perfect Gimmick

The centerpiece of “Appearing Glass” is the custom-made, wildly-clever gimmicked bag that is about as close to perfect as possible. You won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling when you see how clever it is.

The best part is that it’s been designed to be easily operated with one hand. This greatly simplifies the handling while simultaneously amplifying the fairness. Let them examine it and then instantly make the glass appear like real magic.

Constructed from durable Tyvek™, this bag is built to last countless performances. It’s resistant to tears and water, making it especially useful when making a tall glass of liquid seemingly drop out of thin air.

The Perfect Glass

Careful consideration was also given to the custom-made, high-gloss glass. It looks just like a real glass, but is constructed of durable acrylic that is not only light and easy to steal, but won’t break if you drop it. The custom-designed lid keeps the liquids from spilling until you’re ready. It can then be quickly, quietly and discreetly removed with one hand right before you load the glass into the gimmick.

The Perfect Steal

Ok, so this part is technically not new. But, the way Steve pairs a slight modification on a classic holdout with a totally justified and simple steal is unrivaled. Every movement is motivated perfectly to make it completely invisible. With a little practice, you’ll be fooling yourself in the mirror. All you need is a belt and some type of coat, hoodie, cardigan or similar.

Oh, and once you’re loaded, the glass is ready to appear instantly whenever you’d like. And you don’t have to rush anything. In the loaded position, you have 220-degree working angles that enable you to confidently show the bag empty one more time immediately before the appearance. This is a true game-changer.

From the Stage to the Table

While “Appearing Glass” is clearly a showstopper for any stage magic or parlor magic show, it was also designed with close-up magic workers in mind. Very generous angles and a quick reset time make it great for walkaround magic and street magic.

Don’t want to use it as an opener? The custom-made props allow you to safely perform this amazing effect at any point in your set.

“Appearing Glass” by Steve Thompson is perfect for any magician that wants a surefire way to truly astonish every audience. You’ll perform it for a lifetime, and the premium props will last just as long.


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