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An insane professional levitation, ideal for…

An insane professional levitation, ideal for virtual shows, using ordinary props

“Rodrigo blew my mind with his pen levitation. Truly amazing”.
Marcelo Insúa – Tango

“You fooled me little brother! Priceless!”
Mirko Callaci

“This is how magic should look like!… Rodrigo delivers once again a great piece from his great mind to the Magic world!”
George Iglesias.

“This trick is very smart and fun!
I want to put this magic on my Instagram!”
-Kimoon Do

The effect is as simple as this:

A pen lies across two folded cards.

One of the cards is removed and the pen remains impossibly balanced.

The second card is removed and the pen remains floating in midair!

But there´s still more. When your audience believes that there has to be threads supporting it, you can run a solid ring over the pen and it will continue floating! They won’t believe it. It will blow their minds!

Inspired on an idea from Patrick Snowden, Rodrigo Romano (creator of Coin to Wallet) presents a completely different method to achieve an impossible and wonderful levitation.

* Easy to do
* All objects are regular.
* No key ring
* No magnets
* Can be done virtually or in live shows.
* Extremely magical

A visual, perfect miracle for social media and virtual shows.

Nominee Partner Trick of the Year Penguin Magic Awards 2020


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