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A lifetime of work compiled into a massive 400-page book containing 52 signature pieces from Scott Alexander. This limited edition release honoring Scott’s 52nd birthday is one you won’t want to miss.

This incredible book is a comprehensive exploration of Scott conceived and evolved each effect. You’ll find everything from stage effects to platform magic effects and close-up magic effects. His work on shot glass productions, Russian roulette routines, the invisible deck, color monte, the centr tear and so much more is included. You’ll never look at some of your favorite classic effects of magic the same way again.

Photographs and explanations are accompanied by funny and interesting stories like how Scott met Denny Haney or the time he fooled Joe Pesci. There will also be a companion video with further material and never-before-seen live performances.

52 by Scott Alexander also features essays discussing:

  • Presentation
  • Self-awareness
  • Creating effects
  • How to be an effective Master of Ceremonies
  • Why you lost the chance to book a gig
  • Standing up on stage
  • and much, much more.

Only 500 of the limited edition books have been printed.

There were also 52 one-of-a-kind Collector’s edition books printed. Each one comes with the props and materials need for Scott’s famous “Tight 45” show, as well as an additional training video. This special kit allows you to take eight fantastic routines from the book and combine them into a well-rounded 45 minute show. All this, as well as some other fun collectables.

Please Note: Some of the discussed effects are included to share the method and how it evolved. If you would like to perform them, you may need to purchase extra props not included with this book.


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