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Patrick Kuffs LIVE

What does he teach?

THE “KUFFERENCE” We have a rare opportunity to explore the funny and original mind of Patrik Kuffs! Covering close-up to stage magic, with discussions on audience psychology along the way, you’re sure to leave Patrik’s “Kufference” inspired and with material you will love to perform. Kuffs’ strength lies in the simplicity and directness of his effects as well as his fun approach to magic and mentalism.

The lecture includes a mix of Patrik’s published items along with a few new routines and sharing his variations on some classic themes. This will be a fun adventure in sharing new ideas and concepts, and for also reflecting upon how we can entertain an audience through the art of deception and comedy. If you like magic, if you like mentalism, you will be, like many others, a fan of Patrik Kuffs.

Bold Business Close-up Drawing Duplication with business cards.

Tossed Out Darts Some twist on the venerable David Hoy plot.

Floating Bag An homage to Richard Osterlind’s.

Poster Puzzle A presentation for the Al Koran Newspaper Test.

P.Q.I. A very personal version of Koran Jackpot Coin.

Any Card at Any Kleenex (The title says it all…)

E.Z.Malini A very easy and sure way for doing a version of a card stab.

Back Perception An idea to use a well-known impression device for pre-show worker.

HandKuffs Some fun with a pair of handcuffs.

Step by Step On the floor card trick.

And more…

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