Moreo By Danny Weiser

If you liked “Cookie Bite” or Bizzaro’s “Overstuft” you’re going to love Moreo. This is the perfect magic trick for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, as well as your virtual magic shows on Zoom or Skype.

You can perform Moreo with real Oreos. Your audience’s jaws will drop once they see you take an Oreo from a brand new package and slowly stretch it into an impossible shape. You can then break it in half and share some of the cookie with them.

Moreo also allows you to stretch an Oreo so far it actually turns into two full-size Oreos. This allows for a whole bunch of visual and comical multiplying cookie presentations.

Each Moreo box comes with:

  • A simulated cookie
  • A stretched cookie
  • Online tutorial

Danny Weiser and Hanson Chien are the creative forces behind this great new cookie trick. The gimmicks have been built to last using only the highest quality materials. It’s comical. It’s visual. And it’s really sweet. Get more out of your Oreo cookie magic when you add Moreo.

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