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Missing Pieces with Andrew Paul

“First up, Andrew is a dear friend. But I must say that he is really tipping his mitt with the material he is going to share on his live Academy Course. Stunning close up magic with an audience in mind, you will see and learn stunning, professional routines you will love learning and performing. In addition to the how’s, you will learn the oh so important whys, that turn mere tricks into Magic!”
John Carey
“Andrew, your timing and the naturalness on the take are superb, great work! “
Jack Carpenter ( talking about the second deal )
Join us on a very special night as our very own Andrew Paul ( Andy Smith ) presents his first Alakazam Online Academy, Missing Pieces
Missing Pieces is the culmination of thoughts and ideas from someone that has been passionate about magic for many, many years. A professional magician for over 20 years and interested in magic from an early age, Andrew will share his thoughts regarding approaching sleight of hand, practice, misdirection, presentation and his journey in to stand up material and introducing comedy and humor in to his, and your,  act. As well as sharing his thoughts and experiences, Andrew will also share the following effects, routines and moves;

Andy’s Opener

This opening sequence is designed to establish yourself immediately in the eyes of your audience. In the context of a card effect you not only establish a rapport with your audience but turn an apparent fail in to a surprising and unexpected piece of magic right in front of their eyes.

The Slow Motion Coin Vanish

An often unseen vanish of a coin in slow motion. Inspired by the work of the late Geoff Latta, this one coin vanish is great as a lead in to longer coin routine.

Stand Up and Be Counted

Four spectators are asked to join you on stage and as each one does you start counting cards, from a shuffled deck ) on to their hands to which they call stop at any time. These are free choices and when each spectator turns over their packets there is an Ace on the face of each one.


The magician displays a silk which is vanished with the wave of a wand and appears in the spectators jacket sleeve! This is repeated for a second time with the magician cleanly vanishing the silk and the spectator removing the silk themselves from within his jacket sleeve.  Building on the work of Roger Klaus and Gary Kurtz this is a great piece of close up magic that never fails to get a great reaction.

Focus Session

A discussion about sleight of hand with cards and approaching card magic that will also feature a look at timing with card sleights, practicing, some core moves you should know and a look at a few miscellaneous techniques.

TEA BREAK (and biscuits!)

Back To Source

Two cards, four coins. They assemble one at a time and reverse in the blink of an eye! Andrew’s take on the reverse matrix plot stripped to the essentials. Based on an overlooked version by his good friend Etienne Pradier, this is visual magic to the extreme.

Trading Places

Andrews preferred handling of the Interchange plot. Two four of a kind are named and signed; let’s say the fives and Kings. The Kings are placed in to four separate pockets on the magician and the fives held in the magician’s hand. Instantly the fives change in to the pocketed Kings which are now removed from four separate pockets. The spectator is then asked to name either Kings or Fives and the eight cards placed in the spectator’s hands. The selected set vanishes from between the spectator’s hands to immediately appear in the magicians pockets once again. Visual magic at its best and easy to do too.

Da Coins Across, Init!

The classic coins across plot featuring The Pop ‘N’ Go move, a new sleight specifically designed for this effect.

The Himberwitz Change

A coin tossed from hand to hand visibly changes several times from copper to silver and back again in a flash. A combination of ideas from Jerry Sadowitz and Richard Himber.


In this section Andrew shares his thoughts regarding close up,  stand up and parlor magic and the journey he has taken to start integrating comedy and humor in to his act as well as thoughts and ideas he has regarding important topics such as presentation, timing, style and character.

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