Leather Chop Cup By TCC

Leather Chop Cup By TCC PRESENTS by T Magic » Finished! - Fill the survey,  and get ready to receive your TCC PRESENTS Leather Chop Cup. — Kickstarter

Extreme Quality, Extreme Price.

The TCC Leather Chop Cup Has Arrived. Probably the best and the most cost-effective leather Chop Cup in the world.

As a classic and signature effect amongst all magic effects, the Cups and Balls routine has birthed many different versions and handlings throughout the history of Magic, but its core, method, and concept never changed.

It includes many types of magic effects in one routine—- Vanishes, Productions, Transpositions, even Transformations. The entire routine is presented on the desktop, thus it looks extremely elegant. To a certain extent, elegance should be an idiosyncrasy all magicians should adopt.

Most professional magicians have their own version of the Cups and Balls routine and deeply believe that it is the path to becoming a true magician (Michael Ammar’s Cups and Balls is genius). Each magician will try to add different seasonings to the routine to create his uniquely tasting dish.

Studying the Cups and Balls routine can help you understand magic better as a whole.

The minimalist form of the Cups and Balls is a single Cup and Ball. And the sharpest weapon available in the single Cups and Ball armory is the Chop Cup (the inventor of the Chop Cup is Al Wheatley, here’s a tribute).

The core point of the Chop Cup is that, it is very easy to get started. However, at the same time, it does not diminish the magic, rather, some believe it is even more magical – if you do not have much time to practice, it is a great choice.

That is why we are here today——Enter the TCC leather Chop Cup.

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