LAP by Juan Tamariz, Dani DaOrtiz y Yann Frisch

LAP BY JUAN TAMARIZ AND DANI DAORTIZ INCLUDES FIVE DISCS WITH MORE THAN TEN HOURS AND IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE WORKS ABOUT THE ART OF LAPPING. DVD 1 – PHILOSOPHY – Dani DaOrtiz’s complete philosophy on the lap, from theoretical to the practical details of the lap. Ideas, techniques, effects and the general use of everything to do with the lap. In the segment called “Perspective”, Juan Tamariz shows us his vision of the lap, starting with Slydini and expanding on ideas never published before. DVD 2 – BALTASS – For the first time, Yann Frisch gives us a fully detailed explanation of his Gran Prix FISM act, based on the constant use of the lap as well as many other physical and psychological techniques. Ideas, techniques and construction, everything is explained in detail. In the “Perspective” segment, Lennart Green opens his mind about this powerful weapon called lap, showing coin and card techniques. DVD 3 – TECHNICAL – Yann and Dani discuss ideas, concepts and techniques about lapping switches, lapping actions and retrieving techniques. In the “Perspective” chapter, Miguel Angel Gea talks about his conception in the form of theories, techniques and tricks. DVD 4 – PRACTICAL – The most practical part of this work, featuring a live show with twelve effects explained in full detail. Additionally, in the “Perspective” segment, Gabi Pareras show us his deep conceptions on the lap, covering not only the philosophical, but also the practical. DVD 5 – AND MORE – This DVD show us the world of Yann Frisch and all his fascinations for lapping techniques, showing almost eighty techniques with a cup and ball, like color changes, transformations, vanishes and appearances. In the “Perspective” chapter, Gene Matsuura unmasked the legend of Slydini, in almost an hour of conversation, in which Slydini is unmasked through stories and techniques.

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