How To Read Minds By Peter Turner

How To Read Minds KIT: Ellusionist x Peter Turner by Ellusionist —  Kickstarter

How to Read Minds is NOW LIVE on Kickstarter The ultimate mentalism kit taught by Peter Turner himself. Loaded with everything you need to get started. A “first of its kind” KIT that allows ANYONE to truly READ MINDS (for entertainment purposes only). NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED – NO SKILLS REQUIRED The SECRETS inside this kit will give YOU the ability to: -Know the unlock code to anyone’s phone -Reveal any word they think of -See inside their mind & pull out a thought -Predict someone’s choices before they make them -Know their 4-digit credit card PIN -Draw the exact object they secretly drew -Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill -Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers… works every time! -& MUCH MUCH MORE …. (Over 20 techniques taught)

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