Hat Tricks By Danny Weiser

3 visual tricks for TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media platform packed into 1 awesome download! This is an unbelievable value!

Brought to by the creative minds of Danny Weiser and Paul Rohmany, Hat Tricks features easy magic tricks that are super powerful and can be done with props you probably already have around your house. They are perfect for virtual magic shows.

Number 2
A fun and visual close-up magic effect for your social media videos. After taking the end off a pencil off and placing it in your mouth, it instantly jumps back onto the pencil…however, this time, it’s impossibly in the middle. Then, it visually vanishes from the pencil and reappears in your mouth.

You introduce a lollipop and take off the wrapper so you can enjoy it. However, after you throw it away, it magically reappears on the lollipop.

Coin in Bottle
A quick and visual routine that uses a regular orange juice bottle and coins. This not only offers a stunning moment for virtual magic shows, but can be done live as well.

Download now to start learning right away!

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