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Happy Birthday 2 U by Cody Fisher

traight out of Cody’s act. A polished three-climax masterpiece that uses a shuffled deck, no setup, instant reset and no sleight-of-hand

“Cody’s Birthday Card is a worker in the truest sense of the word. Super commercial, super powerful.” – Cameron Francis

“Cody Fisher’s Happy Birthday Trick is STRONG commercial magic that is EASY to do.” – Karl Hein

“Cody has taken the diary trick premise and turned it into a real workhorse of a routine. Happy Birthday Trick is the most streamlined and commercial version of this effect I have seen. It can be done at any point during a card set, everything is examinable and it instantly resets. What more could you ask for? Do yourself and your audiences a favor and pick this up, you won’t regret it!” – Aaron J. Smith

“Every magic effect Cody puts out on the market has been thoroughly tested, tweaked, and re-tested in real-world situations. I can attest to this, because I have watched him work most of his routines. I have watched the original concept and been very impressed, but then I saw the final product months later and the result, in every case has been an extremely commercial and workable magic routine. The Happy Birthday trick is no exception. He has not only created a strong routine that will entertain as well as astonish, but made it easy to perform, re-set, and perform again. As with everything else Cody creates, his instructions are straight forward and easy to follow.” – Peter Hinrichs

“Cody has taken a classic and reimagined it into a fun and engaging worker that you are sure to use! The perfect closer to make your client’s guest of honor the star of the show!” – Michael O’Brien

“Cody Fisher does it again! He’s taken the diary plot and re-worked into a real world worker’s dream! I’m competent at sleight of hand but in the real world, I want EASY. This routine looked to me that it was sleight of hand heavy, or at least a double lift. Happily, its sleight free, and NO memory! So easy. There are ZERO angle issues with this, so you can do it surrounded. The reset takes about 2 seconds and can be done right in front of the spectators, before you move on to the next group. This routine is particularly powerful because it uses a person’s birthday, so you have a personal connection to the effect. Visually, because of the color change, the reveal ‘pops’ against the backdrop of the other cards. And it also has a great ‘kicker,’ which is something I love in close-up magic. In short, this is about the most perfect close-up effect you could add to your set this year. Bravo, Cody!” – Cris Johnson

“Cody has modernized the old diary effect making it practical, portable, and workable. He has written a script that makes perfect sense, legitimizing each step in the routine. This is also a strong fooling effect, and since it integrates your spectator’s birthday, it’s something personal to them which, in turn, makes the effect more memorable. This routine is very deceptive and entertaining, and can be done with a SHUFFLED DECK OF CARDS. You’ll use this a lot in your working repertoire.” – Alym Amlani

Happy Birthday 2 U is a fun and easy to do prediction effect by renown comedy magician Cody Fisher. This trick is great for everyone from hobbyists looking for a trick to help someone celebrate to the table hoping professional who needs to make a moment special.

Here’s what happens:

The magician asks a spectator at the table what their birthday is. Using numerology a shuffled deck is dealt down to one card. That card is shown to have the words, “Happy Birthday” written on the back. Not only that, but it’s the only red card in an all blue-backed deck. The final kicker is that the matching card is found on the back of a calendar that has been in plain view the whole time.

Happy Birthday 2 U is very simple to perform and requires very little sleight of hand. Cody has streamlined this effect so that magicians of a skill level can perform this highly engaging routine. Plus the gaffs required to perform the effect are included. You’ll be ready to go right out of the box. The only thing you have to do is have someone you can amaze by wishing them a happy birthday!

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