Friend by Bruno Copin (Vol 1+2)

All of the effects in these DVDs are accompanied by specially composed music. The explanations are specially filmed in interactive multiangles. Highly Didactic.

Specific materials have been supplied with the DVDs. The quality of each element was a priority in the production of these products.

Your first Instant Thread Security (I.T.S.) has been provided Free with the DVD Friend Vol. 1. A special mini close-up mat has also been included. When the mat is combined with the I.T.S. it provided a formidable “hook-up” system which is extremely quick and secure.


  • Butterfly Effect – Romantic poetry in motion… the spectator’s hand.
  • Rolling Cigarette – An old classic transformed by a very funny explanation.
  • Magic Pitcher – The spectator becomes the magician.
  • Great Escape – A subtle steal. This effect could have been called Houdini.
  • Rising Card – A repeatable rising card effect……yet again in the spectator’s hand.
  • Lie Detector – Raise your right hand and say “I swear.”
  • Icare’s Dream – Idyllic levitation of a card (demonstration only). Material and explanation available separately.
  • Surprised in the Pockets – An original version of the classic cards to pocket effect.

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