Esprit 2.0 By Jean Pierre Vallarino

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As you would expect from Jean-Pierre Vallerino, this effect is beautifully constructed, simple and impossible.

A wallet containing a prediction is handed to a spectator. At this very precise moment there is absolutely no possibility of touching or even changing this prediction.

The spectator is asked to think of the name of any person he wants and to mentally spell this name while counting cards from a deck one at a time on the table. The last card will be the last letter of the name thought by the spectator. The selected card is unknown by the spectator and the mentalist.

Although the selection was made very freely, it matches the prediction card!

Spread the cards face up. Now imagine the reaction of your audience when you flip the rest of the cards over and spread the cards our on the table. They discover it is just an ordinary deck and will be able to examine the cards. 

There is also a second routine included in which a number is between 1 to 52 is asked for. The card found at that number matches the prediction! No forcing whatsoever and all the cards are left for examination and can even be borrowed.

  • No forcing
  • Deck can be examined