Diverter By Marc Kerstein (Only Explanation)

THEY DIAL ANY NUMBER – YOUR ACCOMPLICE ANSWERS Diverter hijacks a randomly dialled number and redirects it to exactly who you want Like something out of a CIA spy-novel, the spectator can dial any number and call it, but in a millisecond Diverter hijacks the call and sends it to someone else; your accomplice. Then, by the time the call ends, it cleans up after itself so there’s no evidence of your trickery. The crazy thing about Diverter is, the method is the least incredible aspect of the app. Imagine forcing a playing card and having a random stranger THEY called reveal it for them? A certified miracle… and that’s the most basic b***h thing you can do with this app. Because the person who actually answers is always someone you’ve prepared, the information they share can be as simple or complex as you choose. Use Diverter for: The Holy Grail – Any card at any number, chosen by a randomly dialed stranger. An ultimate book test – it’s not you doing the magic, the stranger guesses the chosen word. Card reveals. Truly impossible drawing duplications… Get the drawing, including ultra-specific details. Literally ANYTHING. RESERVED FOR THOSE WHO KNEW In 2016 Marc Kerstein launched Diverter. The acclaim surrounding his other effects took center-stage and Diverter became an underground weapon… Known and used by only elite performers. Fast-forward to earlier this year. The magic community was fiercely circulating a performance video on Facebook. It was clean, direct, fair, organic, powerful and easy to do. The comments section was on fire… …You get the point. So many people knew they wanted it, but had no idea what and where to find it. That’s the thing that caught our attention at Ellusionist. The creator, Marc Kerstein does no paid ads, no trailers and no convention booths – yet magicians the world over know of his work. The effects are so strong and the quality of his products is so high, you can’t help but shout it from the rooftops… and his apps spread like wildfire. Marc himself has worked with and developed tricks for the biggest names in TV magic. “What about Blain-erren-ynamo…?” Yep! Even them. Diverter upholds the same attention to detail and continued support that many have come to expect from Marc’s work. In this most recent update to Diverter, he’s added some incredible features: Supports new IOS dark mode Can now be performed in-person or on zoom shows You can now even Facetime your ‘stranger’ for visual confirmation of all details The download you receive from Ellusionist is completely free. Tom Elderfield and Peter Turner will teach you how to use Diverter and some incredible routines possible with this app. However, the app itself can be found and downloaded for $34.99 on the Apple App Store (sorry Android users). Once installed, you’ll be immediately armed with one of the strongest weapons possible with a normal phone.

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