David Regal – Interpreting Magic

Where do we begin about Interpreting Magic? Theoretically, this book shouldn’t be good. David Regal is prolific and just ten years ago he published the outstanding Approaching Magic, which contained a lifetime worth of magic and wisdom. It’s almost unheard of for a magician to publish more than two books of top-quality material. There simply isn’t time in one life to road-test so much material. And yet…Interpreting Magic is here, and it’s exceptional.

The format is interesting: there are sections of tricks with cards (an excellent section, in particular, on Assembly routines), parlor magic, stage magic, magic with finger rings, and more. But between these tricks are both short, punchy essays on magic (these essays are particularly strong, thanks to Regal’s background as a Hollywood writer). And between everything else, there are more than a dozen essays with some of magic’s most important figures. These interviews are terrific: Teller, Derren Brown, and others sit down to talk about various aspects of magic.

There is no doubt: you will be a better magician after reading Interpreting Magic. You will discover new material for your performances. You will be inspired.

More info:

  • Over 60 routines for close-up, parlor & stage.
  • Over 500 pages.
  • Over 1,000 photographs.
  • 30+ conversations with artists, inventors, and contributors to the magic craft.
  • Introduction by Michael Carbonaro.

500 pages. Hardbound.

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