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Confabagram By Alex Pandrea and Beau Cremer

Predict ANYTHING using YOUR SPECTATOR’s phone! The ultimate mobile prediction

“Fooled me! I love the method” – Shin Lim

7 different routines included, this isn’t limited to playing cards! Predict anything on your Instagram using THEIR PHONE. No Apps needed, and it’s 100% Customizable.

Confabagram allows you to make predictions on your Instagram days, weeks, or even months ahead of time. In this package you will receive SEVEN of our favorites.

Effect #1 : ANY Card is named and you show a spread out deck with 1 card face up. The prediction matches perfectly.

Effect #2: ANY card is named – then you show only 1 card pulled out of the box with their named card.

Effect #3: Color Match : Spectator chooses colors to paint onto a Lego man. Each color matches your prediction posted on Instagram.

Effect #4: Divine anyone Star Sign with a prediction you made before even meeting them.

Effect #5: Have someone flip a coin 3 times. Accurately predict the outcome of each coin toss to perfection.

Effect #6: Four items are put into any order the spectator chooses. The exact order matches your prediction with a KICKER ENDING of a playing card reveal.

Effect #7: A confabulation routine where a spectator chooses a card, calculated their life number, and names ANY city. A prediction is shown on a long piece of paper matching the card, the number and the city. Mentalism at its finest.

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