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CGI By James Keatley

CGI by James Keatley

3D objects pop right out of a playing card. Comes complete with EVERYTHING you need, with custom props (mini Rubik’s Cube, die, Lego)

“This really looks like CGI” –Eric Jones

“That’s $%?# Amazing! I’m definitely using this” –Julius Dein

“This is my kind of magic! Very well made and self-contained. It looks how it should, like a Camera trick!” –Nicholas Lawrence

“Super visual. Limited only by your imagination” –Chris Webb

CGI is a system for making 3D objects pop out of a drawing. It’s hand-made, and awesome. You can hold the card at your fingertips, there’s no palming, no sleights..

It looks so good, you’ll be doing it for yourself in the mirror. And you can start performing this the day you get it, because it comes complete with everything you need, including 3 hand-made custom props. A mini Rubik’s cube, a die, and a Lego brick, all carefully modified to look and feel totally normal, yet appear out of nowhere.

CGI comes ready to perform straight out of the box. It’s easy to use and the self-contained gimmick does all the work for you.

You receive:

Custom made CGI gimmick
3 ready made gimmicks (Rubiks cube, Dice, Lego)
Custom stickers to use in your routines
Repair kit

Notes from Acar: As you probably guessed, this looks best from directly in front of you. Also, if you’re OCD like me, just fold a card before you perform, that way the crease in the middle of the gimmick card won’t arouse any suspicion, even if you’re working super-close-up. Honestly, this is a non-issue in real-world working conditions, but hey, I said if you’re OCD like me. Seriously, let’s take a step-back and re-evaluate. Nobody gets suspicious when paper products have creases on them. Stop thinking like a magician! Ignore all of this if you’re not working 12 inches in front of peoples’ eyeballs. This is a great trick, and a beautifully done kit.
I highly recommend it.

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