Ape By Cody Nottingham & Ellusionist (reuploaded with mega link)

12 New Sleights To Destroy Your Dexterity

What do you get when you cross a ‘move monkey’ with a barrel of radioactive waste? An APE.

APE is the next evolution of moves by Cody Nottingham. 12 real-world sleights and techniques that will destroy your dexterity.

Knuckle-busting, sweat-inducing, ligament-stretching moves, brewed right here in Kentucky.

These techniques aren’t impossible, but they’re not for the faint of heart.

Cody Nottingham will walk you through each sleight in expert detail, answering every question you could have with additional slow-motion footage for each ‘move’ taught. 

The moves in APE can then take the place of your existing sleights in the routines you already know. Adding a new layer of deception to what you currently perform. 

Taught in over 2 hours of tuition, APE will elevate your card handling skills quicker than ever before. Exploring new grips, pressures and concealments. 

While everyone is exposing a double-lift or pass on Youtube, this is your opportunity to teleport your sleight-of-hand far past your audience’s understanding

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